Completed: Scheduled Maintenance Window during June 5-7

NOTE: This maintenance is over and hardly any issues were noticed during the period

One of our Cloud Service providers Dreamcompute has notified that they would be performing a maintenance of the storage backend of virtual machines from 11:00am PDT on June 5th to 5:00pm PDT on June 7th.

No downtime of services is expected as a consequence of this maintenance. Everything should work normally. However, the Uncertainty Principle almost states that one can’t predict anything beyond reasonable accuracy. Therefore, we have written this blog post to inform you about it.

Under rare circumstances, there could be some degraded performance or downtime for some period of time. It would be fixed automatically for sure. Our Advice to Store Owners is not to get panicked if that happens. We shall be keeping an extra vigilant eye on the services during this period.

If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact us via Support Portal.

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