A Step-by-Step Guide to Use ShareThis on Smart Wishlist

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating custom ShareThis social sharing buttons into your Smart Wishlist, allowing you to customize the sharing buttons displayed to users when they share wishlists on their favorite social media platforms. It also allows you to view sharing metrices in Sharethis dashboard.

NOTE: This is an optional step. Social Sharing is enabled by default and works using app’s own credentials

Part 1: Create a Free ShareThis Account and Get Your Property ID

  1. Visit the ShareThis website: https://sharethis.com/
  2. Click on “Get Share Buttons”.
  3. Create a free ShareThis account.
  4. Once logged in, navigate to your ShareThis dashboard.
  5. Select the Inline Share Buttons and activate it by clicking the Enable tool button. 
  6. Then, you can customize the buttons by selecting your social channels, size, and shape.
  7. Select the Activate code button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, click the Copy code button.
  8. In the code, find your property ID, which should look like a 24-character code (e.g., 64b3342fcbbb00012432c93). The code would look something like this.
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://platform-api.sharethis.com/js/sharethis.js#property=YOUR-PROPERTY-ID&product=inline-share-buttons&source=platform"></script>

Part 2: Configure ShareThis in Smart Wishlist

  1. Login to your Shopify Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Apps > Smart Wishlist > Configure Appearance > Social Sharing.
  3. If not enabled, then enable Display Social sharing widgets on Wishlist page.
  4. Locate the field labeled “ShareThis Property ID”.
  5. Paste your ShareThis property ID into this field.
  6. Customize your sharing buttons as needed (refer to the ShareThis documentation for options).
  7. Save your changes.

Part 3: Customize ShareThis Appearance (Optional)

  • ShareThis offers a wide variety of customization options for your social sharing buttons. Refer to their documentation for details on changing button styles, networks, and more: https://sharethis.com/support/installation/share-buttons-html-website/
  • By using your own ShareThis property ID, you’ll be able to track analytics and engagement metrics directly within your ShareThis dashboard.

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