How to add Smart Wishlist button to Online Store 2.0 themes?

Here we demonstrate how to add the Add to Wishlist button of Smart Wishlist, on the individual product page of your Shopify Store, using the newly introduced blocks feature of Online Store 2.0. We have selected the Dawn theme as reference. However, the principle is equally applicable to other OS 2.0 themes as well.


1. In Shopify Admin, visit the Online Store > Customize.

2. The store preview would appear. Using your store’s navigation, visit any individual product page (PDP) .

3. In the left sidebar, under Product Information, scroll down to the bottom and click Add Block, then select the type as Custom Liquid.

4. Paste the following code to the box provided. Wait for a few seconds, the Wishlist button shall appear. You have the option to relocate the button by dragging the sequence of blocks (in the sidebar itself).

<div id="smartwishlist" data-product="{{ }}" data-variant="{{ }}"></div>

5. When you are satisfied with the placement of the Wishlist button, click the Save button at the top right.

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