Pin Generation with RSS Feeds: Understanding the Process

Generating pins for your Pinterest board using Smart RSS Feed is a passive process. While the Smart RSS Feed app ensures your feed is valid, the frequency at which Pinterest adds pins to your board is entirely out of our control.

How it works:

  • Pinterest’s Pace: Pinterest’s systems determine when and how often they check your RSS feed for new products. This process is similar to how Google crawls websites.
  • Limits and Timing: Pinterest generally limits pin generation from a single site to about 100 pins per day and revisits feeds once daily. This means it can take time, even months, for your entire product catalog to appear on Pinterest.
  • RSS Feeds vs. API: Pinterest doesn’t offer an API for pin creation. While an API-based system would be faster, RSS feeds are the best option for automatic pin generation currently available.

What you can do to optimize the process:

  • Address Pinterest Errors: If Pinterest notifies you of errors in your feed (via Dashboard or email), contact us immediately so we can help resolve them.
  • Checklist: Ensure your RSS feed abides by this checklist

Remember, generating pins using RSS feeds is a gradual process. While we can’t speed up Pinterest’s systems, we’re committed to providing you with a reliable RSS feed for consistent pin creation over time.

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