How Smart Wishlist works for Unregistered Users?

Here’s how Smart Wishlist simplifies the wishlisting experience for unregistered users:

Effortless Product Wishlisting

  1. Customers can freely explore your store, discovering products that spark their interest.
  2. A clearly visible “Add to Wishlist” button on each page allows customers to add desired items with a single click.
  3. Added wishlist items are automatically stored in their browser cookies. These cookies remain active at least for a year (365 days), ensuring their saved items persist across browsing sessions.

Secure Data Handling

  • We also maintain a copy of unregistered users’ wishlist data on our secure servers. This creates a crucial backup and enables additional features.
  • Each unregistered user’s wishlist is assigned a unique identifier, maintaining data organization.

Wishlist Sharing Made Easy

  • Unregistered users can generate a unique, shareable URL for their wishlist. This allows them to easily share their product selections with friends, family, or on social media without needing to create an account or log in.

Benefits of Using Smart Wishlist for Unregistered Users

  • Reduced Friction: Eliminates the need for account creation, streamlining the shopping experience.
  • Increased Engagement: Encourages wishlist creation, fostering potential future purchases.
  • Social Proof: Wishlist sharing drives organic traffic and product interest.

Note: While unregistered users enjoy a seamless wishlisting experience, creating an account offers additional benefits such as permanent wishlist storage and access across multiple devices.

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