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App Setup

A Step by Step Guide to setup Smart Wishlist on your Shopify Store

How to add Wishlist Button on Collection Pages?

How to enable User Account Integration on your Store?

Steps to add a link to My Wishlist page in the Navigation Menu

How to setup Wishlist Counter on your Shopify Store?

Common Tasks

How to change the URL of My Wishlist page on your Store?

How to add Wishlist buttons to Cart Page?

How to add Wishlist buttons to Search Results Page?

How to use custom icons for Wishlist buttons?

How to migrate your existing Wishlist data to Smart Wishlist?

Configure Addthis Sharing tool on My Wishlist Page

How to add Extra CSS to be displayed on your Shopify Store?

How to remove product Image Zoom on My Wishlist page?

Common Issues and Fixes

Wishlist Button is not displayed even after adding Smart Wishlist Code

The Wishlist page scrolls horizontally when viewed on Desktop screens

Adding one item to Wishlist removes another from it on Collection Pages

Confirmation Modals/Popups are not displayed on My Wishlist Page

Appearance of Modals/Popups get distorted on My Wishlist Page

Product items are not displayed properly on My Wishlist page

The size of product images is either too big or small on My Wishlist Page

Product title overlaps the Variant Title and price on My Wishlist page

Add All button appears and then disappears on My Wishlist page

Only first variant for a product gets added to the Wishlist

Theme Specific Setup Guides



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Other articles

How Wishlist Sharing works for Smart Wishlist?

What is User Account Integration and how does it work?