Smart RSS Feed is an app for Shopify which generates RSS and Atom Feeds for the Store and Product Collections. Merchants can customize the feed without worrying about tedious programming stuffs. The app starts generating RSS feeds within minutes after the install and requires no setup.

Salient Features of the App

Fully validated RSS 2.0 Feeds.
Options to display/hide any elements.
Options to change the title of any feed element.
Separate RSS feeds for the entire store as well as individual collections.
Support for ATOM feeds.
Support for Custom XML Namespaces.
Supports RSS feeds in non-English languages also.

What is RSS Feed?

RSS is an XML based syndication standard used to disseminate a website’s information to numerous tools and human readers.

Why it is a must for any Store?

The implications of RSS Feeds for any E-commerce store are immense. It is an easy way to distribute your Store Contents to Search Engines, Ad Servers, Affiliate Servers, E-Mail Marketing Service, Social Media Management Services etc. Some of the common usage include:

  • Automating Social Media and Email Campaigns.
  • Syndicating latest products to various Feed Readers and Browsers.
  • Syndicating store contents to other websites, blogs, apps, thereby enhancing SEO of Store.
  • Notifying your subscribers, affiliates about new products.
  • Enhance Search Engine visibility by generating XML Sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Add Store Susbcribers using tools such as Feedburner.
  • Feed latest products to Integrated Social Media Management tools such as Hootsuite.
  • These are only some of the possible usages. In reality, the usages of RSS Feed are immense and limited only by our own imagination.