Affirmative measures for Store Owners amid COVID-19 fallout

The global economy is in tatters due to Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, many of the merchants are witnessing steep decline in sales or procurement of inventory. Some of them are on the brink of closure.

In order to help such merchants to stay afloat, we are announcing series of steps.

  1. App Charger Waiver for existing stores (check details below)
  2. No service denial to merchants who didn’t approve the charge.
  3. Free Service for paused/dormant stores.
  4. Extended 60 day trial period to new merchants installing the app.
  5. 30 day bonus trial period to merchants re-installing the app.

App Charger Waiver

In the first step, we are offering a waiver of app subscription fee for next few months to a maximum of 200 merchants, who are currently using our apps. The waiver shall be in the form of App credits, which would ensure that your card doesn’t get charged for the app in the subsequent billing cycles.

This is applicable to all merchants except those on Shopify Plus and Advanced Plans ($299/month).

Please note that we shall decide the waiver requests on the merit basis. We request you to apply for this only if your business has been severely affected by COVID-19 crisis, so that we can help really deserving ones.

In order to take the advantage of this, please mail us at with the following information. Please send the mail using from the email id officially registered with your Shopify account.

  1. The App you are using Smart Wishlist or Smart RSS Feed.
  2. Your store URL.
  3. The number of months of fee waiver required.
  4. A small paragraph about how COVID-19 has affected your business.

Please note that this is available to only 200 merchants on a first come first served basis.

No service denial to merchants who didn’t approve the charge.

We are also postponing the service denial to certain merchants who didn’t approve the charge and effectively using our app for free, for years. Initially this was planned for April 2020, but we are postponing to a date after June.

Free Service for paused/dormant stores.

In case you have paused your Shopify store for a period of more than 30 days, we shall refund you any amount charged during that period. It is necessary that you inform us in advance about your plan to pause the store. We would either apply application credits to your store, so that you won’t get billed, or will get the amount refunded from Shopify.

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