Apply custom filter to the products in the RSS Feed

In the settings of Smart RSS Feed, we provide several options to filter out the products from the feed, based on selected criteria. However, there could be infinite number of such conditions and it is not practical for us to anticipate all of them and provide options for all such conditions in App’s Settings.

Thankfully, there is a way to tune the RSS feed to match an enormously large number of conditions, thanks to a feature called Automated Collection in Shopify. The logic is simple. You create an automated collection using the criteria and the app shall create RSS feed for that collection. This can be used to create RSS feeds for multiple conditions such as the following:

  1. Only include those products in the feed which are in stock.
  2. Product’s price is greater than $100 USD.
  3. Product’s title starts with New and the weight is less than 10kg
  4. Either the vendor is ABC or product tag contains selected

We shall elaborate this process with the example of #1. We intend to create an RSS feed for products which are in stock. The only condition we need here is that the Inventory Stock of the product is greater than 0.


1. In Shopify Admin, visit Collections > Create Collection.
2. Name it anything as per your convenience. In the Collection type, select Automated.
3. Under Conditions, select all conditions
4. In the dropdowns, select Inventory Stockis greater than and 0.
5. Click Save
6. Open Apps > Smart RSS Feed > Feed URL Generator
7. Under Product RSS Feed, select the above collection from the dropdown and click Generate.
8. Copy the feed URL displayed. It shall always contain products which satisfy the above condition.

The above approach can be used to create RSS feed for enormously large number of conditions with respect to the following entities.

  • Product Title
  • Product Type
  • Product Vendor
  • Product Price
  • Product Tag
  • Compare at Price
  • Weight
  • Inventory Stock
  • Variant’s Title

Additionally, you can also create Automated Collection using a set of conditions where either all of them hold true or any one of them hold true. You can read more about Automated Collections in this article.

If you want to make these collections invisible from your online store, there is an option called Collection availability. Here you can simply deselect Online Store from the list of available channels for such custom collections. The RSS feed shall still work.


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