How to add meta tags to Wishlist page?

Adding meta tags to the wishlist page is easy. One can edit the theme to add meta tags or any other content to the <head>..</head> section of wishlist page

Use the below liquid construct to specify the meta tags for wishlist page. You can add this code to layout/theme.liquid or any other file where meta tags for the entire store is defined.

{% unless template %}
<meta name="description" content="Meta description for wishlist page" />
{% endunless %}

Please note that we don’t recommend adding a meta description for the Wishlist page. Like Cart or Account page, the wishlist page is user specific and therefore need not be indexed by Search Engines.

However for public Wishlist URLs, we provide options for specifying open graph meta tags in the Settings. This is to ensure proper display when the wishlist is shared on social media.

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