How to change the RSS Feed URL?

By default, the RSS feed generated by Smart RSS feed app is accessed at the relative path /a/rssfeed. For e.g. if your store domain is, then the RSS Feed can be accessed at

In this article, we shall explain how to change this relative path to /apps/myfeed. It  has to be changed at 2 different locations.


1. Login to Shopify Admin and visit Apps > Apps and Sales Channel Settings. Another page with list of apps will open.  Click on Smart RSS Feed in this new list of apps..

2. Under the section App Proxy, click on Customize URL button. A popup shall appear.

3. Change the URL to desired value and click Save.

The first part of subpath can have only four values ‘a‘, ‘apps‘, ‘tools‘ and ‘community‘. Select whatever you want to use. For our example, we will choose ‘apps‘. The second part can be any valid string. It is up to you to give it a meaningful name. For our example we will choose ‘myfeed‘.

So the new RSS Feed path is /apps/myfeed

4. Once you are done, go back and open the App. You may also click Open App link on top of the page.

5. Go to Global Settings and then to Application Proxy URL. There is a similar form as in Step 3 aboveEnter the same set of values and click Submit. For our example, we shall stick to /apps/myfeed

Finished! The Wishlist page is now accessible at

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