How to implement a multilingual Wishlist?

Suppose your store displays the contents in multiple languages. You may want the wishlist page to display in all those languages. We support a Javascript based workaround using which you can achieve this.

Wishlist Button:

Use Callback functions to translate the contents of Wishlist button. For e.g, SWCallbackWishlistButtonLoaded is triggered when the wishlist button has loaded. If you define this function in the theme to alter the contents of wishlist button containers (#smartwishlist and .smartwishlist), the translations would be performed every time the page loads. We offer callback functions for every possible wishlist action. You should define or extend the function for every wishlist action.

Important: In order to detect the currently selected locale/language, you need to check the value of ls-locale in the Local Storage of user’s web browser.

Wishlist Page:

Creating a custom wishlist page is recommended, so that the contents of wishlist page are automatically translated using the rules defined by you.

An alternative to this is to use callback functions to translate the contents of Wishlist page. One can use a callback function called WishlistLoadedCallback, which is called when the items of Wishlist page have finished loading. if this function is defined in the theme to replace the contents of wishlist page with a translated version, the translation would be performed every time the page is loaded.

You may contact us for any help or advice during the implementation of the above.

NOTE: This is only a workaround meant for those who want an immediate support for multilingual wishlist. We are working on an in-built support for multiple languages, which shall be rolled out before June 2020.

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