Smart Wishlist Setup Guide for Shopify Stores using Minimal Theme

This page lists the steps used to setup Smart Wishlist Shopify stores using Minimal theme. Depending on the theme customization and updates, the steps may vary slightly across stores.

Product Page

Location: sections/product-template.liquid or templates/product.liquid


<div id="smartwishlist" data-product="{{ }}" data-variant="{{ }}"></div>

Collection Page

Location: snippets/product-grid-item.liquid


<span class="smartwishlist" data-product="{{ }}" data-variant="{{ }}"></span>

Wishlist Page Link

Desktop Link

Location: sections/header.liquid or snippets/header-bar.liquid

<div class="header-bar__module">
<span class="header-bar__sep" aria-hidden="true"></span>
<a href="/a/wishlist" id="smartwishlist_desktop_link" title="My Wishlist" class="cart-page-link">Wishlist</a>

Mobile Link

Location: snippets/mobile-nav.liquid


<li class="mobile-nav__link">
<a href="/a/wishlist" id="smartwishlist_mobile_link" title="My Wishlist">Wishlist</a>

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