My RSS Feed URL shows 404 Error

By default, the base URL of the Store RSS Feed is For some stores, the RSS Feed doesn’t show up on the default URL. Instead it displays a 404 HTTP Error message.


This happens when the default RSS Feed URL of our App (/a/feed) is already occupied by some other app on the store. Consequently Shopify assigns our app a different URL. Therefore, you get the error “404 page not found” when visiting /a/feed, as it is thrown by the app which has occupied the /a/feed path.

Please note that our App never throws 404 Error

The correct RSS Feed URL

In most cases, when /a/feed is occupied, Shopify assigns /a/feed-1 to our app so you can view the RSS Feed at the below URL:

If you are still unable to view the RSS feed, we need to find the modified App Proxy URL manually. It has to be done using following steps:

1. Login to Shopify Admin and visit the Installed apps page by clicking Apps link in the left sidebar.
2. Locate Smart RSS Feed and click View Details link in front of it. A popup shall appear.
3. At the bottom of popup you shall find EDIT PROXY URL, which has two input fields.

Note the values. That would comprise current RSS Feed path.

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