Images from Store are not getting automatically imported as pins to Pinterest Boards

There are several reasons why the import of pins fails

1. Domain not claimed

Have you claimed your store’s domain at Pinterest? You need to claim your store’s primary domain and then use the RSS feed URL associated to that domain. This is one of the requirements for automatic pin import to work.

Below article below explains the steps on how to do it:

Please note that after claiming, it may take up to 24 hours for the automatic pins import to start.

2. Using personal profile instead of Business profile

The auto publish of pins through RSS feed works only with Pinterest Business account. If you don’t have a business account, then visit the below URL to get started.

3. Not using Pinterest specific RSS feed

We offer an RSS feed tailormade for Pinterest boards. It’s structure complies with the RSS feed requirements of Pinterest. You can be easily deduce this by appending &target=pinterestboard to any RSS feed URL. For e.g. below

4. Pinterest stopped crawling your Store’s RSS feed

If none of the above issues are applicable in case of your store, then it means Pinterest has stopped crawling your Store’s RSS feed. This is a very common issue, which gets resolved when you contact Pinterest Support. We have had so many stores which had such store level issues, which got resolved after they contacted Pinterest.

Please follow the below steps to contact Pinterest

  • Visit the URL
  • Select the categories: Features and settings => Pins and on the next page select Missing pins and Continue
  • Fill in your contact details and click Continue
  • In the subject mention “No pins are generated using RSS feeds”. You may choose to briefly describe the issue.
  • Under “Are you trying to create a Pin, or is the Pin already on Pinterest?”, select New Pin
  • Under “Link to the Pin, board or account”, fill in the corresponding Board URL and click Continue.
  • Leave everything else unaltered and click Continue.
  • Submit the form and you can expect a response within 2 days.

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