Smart Wishlist is GDPR Compliant

As an ecommerce plugin provider, we truly recognize the importance of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for Merchants. In order to ensure this, we have taken several steps.

1. Merchants can request any individual customer records be deleted, You need to contact us at with the request. In future, we are going to automate this process, so that you can do so directly from Shopify Admin.

2. We have updated our Privacy Policy to make sure we provide information around the rights individuals have under the GDPR, and more details around our processing of personal data.

3. We checked the requirements of GDPR and according to it, we arrived at the conclusion that we don’t need to appoint a Data Protection Officer. The GDPR does NOT require every controller and processor to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

However, if your organization has appointed a DPO, we shall coordinate with her to ensure synergy in GDPR Compliance

1 thought on “Smart Wishlist is GDPR Compliant

  1. Vivian Reply

    It was good news on the same day the GDPR went into effect that Smart Wishlist linked their Privacy Policy on the front of their app information page. I was in search for a Wishlist the same day with the GDPR in mind. First, I tried another app that just did not integrate well with my shop. Once I saw the Privacy Policy highlighted I was sure this was going to work. I’m happy Smart Wishlist had their site prepared for today. I felt they did it for me to stay productive on my e-shop. Awesome! ?

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