Why do we ask to reload the store page twice after making any changes to App’s Settings?

After you make any changes to App’s Settings, you get the message, “Please reload the pages on storefront twice to see these changes into effect”. Below we explain why this is required.

Since November 1st, 2017 we have launched App Cache on all stores. App Cache locally stores the app’s settings so that the wishlist elements are loaded instantaneously in all subsequent browsing activity. The App doesn’t wait for our servers to display the Wishlist buttons.

Why reload twice?

A double page reload clears the App Cache. Therefore, any changes you make are reflected on the storefront.

Any exceptions?

Yes, if you visit any two pages of store after making wishlist updates, the app cache gets updated automatically.

Also, after wishlist updates, if you visit the store in a new incognito window or in a new browser window, you shall see the updates nevertheless.

Any impact on customer?

When you make wishlist updates, any customer visiting you store concurrently, would see the updates after he has visited any two pages subsequently. Customers visiting the store after updates have been made, would see the updates immediately.

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