Why Items in Express (anonymous) Wishlist are not deleted after User logs in?

When a user creates an Express (anonymous) wishlist and logs in, all the items in his Express Wishlist get synced to his User Account Wishlist.

Recently, a Store Owner suggested us that the App should delete the Items from Express Wishlist after syncing it with User Account Wishlist. It was argued that if the App doesn’t delete the Wishlist, the total number of products present in that wishlist get repeated, which can be confusing to store owners.

The Items in Wishlist are deleted only when explicitly requested by the user using Delete buttons

Below we present few reasons why it would be a bad idea to automatically delete the items present in Express Wishlist after user logs in to his account on the Store.

1. The User Session automatically expires after few hours of inactivity on store. Now, when the user comes back to store at a later point of time, he would find his wishlist intact even without logging in. This proves to be a great convenience to the user which of course translates into more sales for the store.

2. Suppose a User created an Express Wishlist (anonymous) and shared it with friends via social media/email. After some time (maybe after days) he creates an account and logs in, then all items in Express Wishlist would get synced to his User Account Wishlist. At this stage, if we delete the Express Wishlist, the previously shared wishlist URL would display an empty wishlist, which defeats the whole purpose of having and sharing the Wishlist.

3. Both Express Wishlist and User Account Wishlist have been designed to work independently. This also gives user a flexibility to create 2 distinct Wishlists on the store.

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