How to setup Wishlist Counter on your Shopify Store?

After you have installed and configured Smart Wishlist on your Shopify Store, you can enhance its display by setting up the Wishlist Counter, which displays the total number of items present in the wishlist . If no item is present then the badge automatically hides.


1. Open Shopify Admin and visit Apps > Smart Wishlist > Configure Appearance > Wishlist Link

2. Scroll down to Item Counter and check Display Wishlist Item counter. By default, it is enabled across all stores.

3. Click Save (or Submit) button. Due to cache, you may need to reload the page of your store twice to see the item counter getting displayed.

4. If the counter is distorting the display of other objects, you may need to apply some CSS to fix it. The following CSS might help.

span.topbadge {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    right: 0;

a[href*=wishlist] {
    position: relative;

5. If nothing works, you may contact us.

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