Introducing User Accounts Integration on all Shopify Stores using Smart Wishlist

We are going to roll out a new feature User Accounts Integration starting from tomorrow on all Shopify stores using Smart Wishlist. We already have enabled it on many existing stores and all new stores using the app shall have this feature automatically enabled.

What is it about?

User Accounts Integration would allow your users to link their wishlist to their account on your store. This means they can now access/edit their wishlist from any other devices by logging into their accounts.

What are its benefits?

There are many benefits. We are listing few of the them below:
1. Users can access and modify their Wishlist from any device/browser.
2. Users can share their User Account Wishlists.
3. Merchants can actually see who has added what item to their wishlist.
4. Merchant can send automated email reminders based items present in Wishlists and bring back users. This would lead to an increase the total Sales.
5. Merchants can use this data for a variety of purposes.

Will existing Wishlists on my store continue to work after this?

Of course Yes. This would be an entirely optional feature. Your users can continue to use their existing wishlist without any registration or login. You users shall never be forced to login by us.

Does it cost extra?

Not at all. It would be made available at no extra cost to all users.

How do I use it on my store?

Please read this article.

Is there any demo?

Yes, you can check out our demo store where User Accounts Integration has been enabled. You may need to create an account on the store in order to fully check this feature.

I don’t want to use this on my store. What should I do?

You needn’t do anything. The app on your store would continue to operate as before. Nothing changes in your case.
ETA: We plan to finish its roll out on all stores by next Saturday.
More details about this feature can be found here. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us anytime.

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