Fix Email Sharing with Addthis

Starting early this year, Addthis has paused its email sharing service which allowed users to mail their wishlist to others anonymously. Users are greeted with a planned maintenance notice. When we contacted Addthis support team, then said that the feature has been deprecated and they plan to drop it as it caused too many spam complaints.

Note: This happens only with those stores which have used their custom Addthis integration. For those using default Addthis integraton, we have already applied this fix.

In order to fix this, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Addthis dashboard
  2. Navigate to Tools > Website Tools. You shall see one enabled share button. If you see more than one enabled share buttons, you need to repeat this proess with all the share buttons.
  3. In front of the chosen share button, click Settings
  4. Under sharing services, make sure that the option “Selected by You” is chosen.
  5. Under Sharing Services, if you find Email, remove it by clicking X in front of it.
  6. Click Add more Service. A list of services is displayed, sorted alphabetically. Select Email App.
  7. Click Update Tool button.

It should look like this

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