Is it possible for celebrity users to create & share the wishlist with fans who order products from it while masking the delivery address?

We often get queries from store owners where they want the feature of a celebrity wishlist. The celebrity creates a wishlist and shares it with their fans who order products from it which is delivered to the celebrity. In the whole process, the delivery address (of celebrity) remains hidden from the buyers (fans).

We did enquire this with Shopify Support and have concluded that it is not possible to pre-populate the third party delivery address using Shopify Checkout and Shopify doesn’t allow any app to bypass its checkout flow. So, it is not possible to meet this requirement on Shopify.

However, there is a workaround to achieve this, which is upto you to evaluate. It has been explained below.

1. If the products are converted to digital products, the necessity of providing Shipping Address is automatically removed from checkout. So you can either convert all products to digital products or create a copy of all/selected existing products and convert them to digital products. Optionally, you can segregate such products into a separate collection.

2. The user who creates the wishlist (wishlist owner) should add the delivery address under My Account on the store. He then creates the wishlist and shares it with people (buyer).

3. The Add to Cart button on the Wishlist page can be tweaked to append the identity of the wishlist owner as a line item to the Cart. (The buyer won’t be able to see the identity. It shall be visible only in Shopify Admin). 

4. The buyer visits the wishlist, adds the item to cart from wishlist page and performs the checkout.

5. The Store owner checks the identity of the wishlist owner on the order details page and fulfills it accordingly.

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