Can I get XML feed using Smart RSS Feed?

We often get the query from developers asking if it was possible to generate an XML feed using Smart RSS Feed App.

Well, an RSS feed is technically an XML feed based on a globally defined standard. That standard is called RSS 2.0. It is less flexible but more inter-operable than vanilla XML.

We provide slightly reduced flexibility to alter the structure of the XML Feed. The app does not allow you to change the parent node of the feed. That shall always remain <rss>…</rss>.

However, you can change the children nodes to anything you want, as long as it doesn’t violate RSS specifications. It is also possible to introduce new nodes to the feed, but the node must be prefixed by a namespace. We have following five pre-defined namespaces in the RSS feed

  • atom
  • g
  • sr
  • media
  • content

You may also add your own custom namespace, if needed. There is an option to define a namespace in the feed settings.

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